2015 Wrap Up from Tara Campain

Posted by Tamara Campain for Equus Emporium on 2nd Jan 2016

Well the time has come to reflect on 2015, appreciate all the amazing moments, learn from what it has taught me and make 2016 even better!

2015 was a year of both ups and downs for me and my team of horses but I would not change a thing as both the good and bad times have brought on so many different opportunities that I am very grateful for. In May of this year I unfortunately took a fall (a very light one in fact) however just landed in the wrong position which caused a nasty compression fracture in a vertebrae in my spine. This meant a little while out of the saddle but gave me a chance to regroup, gave the horses a break and made me realise how important it is to appreciate the times when things are going well in our sport.

The second half of the year was a little more smooth sailing and saw Rockingham Tiggeriffic and I travel over to South Australia to represent Victoria and were crowned PCA senior eventing National Champions. On that note and after many, many years of amazing successes and achievements with Tigger, the decision was made to retire him from the top level of eventing. But don't worry he will still be out strutting his stuff in the straight dressage arena!

On an exciting note my young superstar Bon Chance meaning 'Good Luck' or Chance as he is known at home was broken in and is well on his way to having his first outing in the second half of next year. Stay tuned about this one, I am very excited!

All my other horses also had a great year of competition successes and I could not have done it without the help of my valued sponsors. Thanks to Ruth and her team at Equus Emporium! (A few of you have asked where I purchased my new top boots from, they are from here! Visit their website to view all their wonderful products)

Now it's time to pause for a moment, set new goals and get ready to tackle them head on in what I hope will be a very happy, safe and exciting 2016

Happy new year to you all!!