2015 Wrap Up from Sarah Ray

Posted by Sarah Ray for Equus Emporium on 28th Dec 2015

2015 Wrap Up from Sarah Ray

Although 2015 hasn't gone strictly to plan due to injury, I'm so happy to reflect back on the year and be able to say that I've managed to achieve my main goals I set out at the end of last year. This includes attaining my Intro Coaching Certificate (and making good headway into my Level 2 ), as well as gaining a MER with Irish Mist which meant that he, along with King Vassie, finished the year on the National Eventing Futures Squad ? Yay! My young horses have continued to improve, and I'm very excited to see what they can achieve in 2016.

Although my horsie achievements were limited in 2015, in my "work life" I've happily taken on a senior role as a Rehab Physiotherapist, as well as managed to fit some travel overseas in as well! Having a balanced life style is so important in our sport, whether professional or amateur, it's important to mix things up to not get stale or bored. In saying that, 2016 I will certainly struggle to fit in anything besides riding with 5 horses in full work as well as work work! If anyone is looking for a grooming job please let me know

Equus Emporium is a Melbourne based business who have had years of experience on the Eventing circuit as part of a professional team. Please support them as they've supported me throughout the year. The tack and clothing are top class and if not currently available, the team will do their best to order and have it delivered ASAP. Thanks EE for all your support, you guys are da bomb I can't wait to put my Chrissy presents to use- my gorgeous new Cavallo competition breeches and Billy Belt! Shop the look here

I hope you are able to look back on 2015 and be proud of what you've achieved, horse related or otherwise, and are excited to see what 2016 brings! Merry Chirstmas, and bring on the New Year