LeMieux ProCool Cold Water Boots

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LeMieux ProCool Cold Water Boots
One of the easiest ways to cool your horses legs following work or injury
Unique water reactive crystals within the boots swell & retain cold when soaked in water
The contoured shape supports the fetlock & tendon which prevents the boot from slipping
We always recommend checking with your vet if swelling persists
Can be re-used multiple times
Sold in Pairs
How to Use
Soak for 2-4 hours prior to first use or after long periods in dry storage
Some residue may appear on the surface of the boot, this is not harmful and can enhance the cooling effect
Soak in cold water for 1hr + prior to use (out of direct sunlight)
Add ice to water when available, the colder the water, the better the effect
Can be placed wet in fridge but NEVER freeze boots
Tighten velcro straps firmly, starting at the top, readjust when in position
Best therapeutic effect is gained after multiple 20-30 minute sessions
Let boots dry out prior to storage
Re-soak for 2-3hrs after long periods of inactivity