Eskadron Pro Safe Flexi Soft Hind Boots

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Eskadron Pro Safe Flexi Soft Hind Boots
The Eskadron Pro Safe Flexi Soft Memo boots are high tech boots developed with the horse in mind
Now with a new 2 level memo foam for noticeably improved pressure distribution and maximum shock absorption with minimum weight
The first PE foam layer provides reliable protection from knocks and bumps, the second layer is a visco-elastic foam that adapts to the individual horse's leg
The extra thick edge zone closes cleanly to the leg and thus prevents dirt or sand getting trapped in the boots and rubbing against the horses leg
Brilliantly styled with subtle details and an integrated closure system which provides double security and they are easy to take on and off
Maximum protection and freedom of movement for the horse with these boots
Can be washed up to 30°C
Come as a pair
Available in grey, black, white and brown
Available in full size only